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Reality Check: 3D Graphics Take On Hollywood

Can It Get Any Better?

The various screenshots for Crysis and Far Cry 2 are interesting. The left-upper image from Crysis is standard—in DirectX 10 mode the illumination dazzles a little, and the colors are less sharp. The right upper image could have been made with Natural Mod: the colors and illumination are adapted and made stronger. The right lower image show an official screenshot from the manufacturer. Even if it was taken with motion blur, the intensity of the colors and the rich green of the transparent leaves can’t be seen in the real game, even with the HD 4870 or GTX 280.

For Far Cry 2, there are various versions of the same game. The large image was apparently taken using the XBox and looks like a believable 3D graphic. The small image in the middle shows the PC version: it is a little out of focus, and the lighting effects create a minor haze. The two images on the right are, again, official screenshots from the manufacturer. You can see that the intensity of the light rays is very deep, the details on the floor look better, the structure of the rocks is realistic, and the complex trees and bushes are simply impressive.