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Intel Core i9-9900KF Review: Disabled Graphics and No Discount

Rendering, Encoding and Compression


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An extra 200 MHz of headroom provides slight advantages to the -9900KF during the suite of threaded rendering benchmarks, though the gains are predictably slight.

Encoding and Compression

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Our threaded compression and decompression metrics work directly from system memory, removing storage throughput from the equation. Core i9-9900KF again benefits from its slightly higher overclocked frequencies, but the extra headroom does little to change the competitive positioning.

Core i9-9900K leverages high frequencies to dominate the HandBrake x265 test, which relies heavily on AVX instructions, and the H.264 test. In our prior testing, we were unable to reach a stable overclock on the standard -9900K without a 4.8 GHz offset. But we do receive a nice bump from the steady all-core 5.0 GHz gained from additional tuning. 


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