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Is This Even Fair? Budget Ivy Bridge Takes On Core 2 Duo And Quad

Power Consumption

Power-saving features were enabled for each processor at stock frequencies, but disabled for higher and more stable overclocks. We chart peak input watts during active idle, full Prime95 load, and throughout our gaming tests.

Our bench rig is way overpowered with the 80 PLUS Silver-rated Corsair HX1050. Gaming on these single-GPU platforms, we can assume roughly 87-88% efficiency, meaning the unit’s peak output was only around 185-285 W.

Although Intel’s Core 2 architecture wasn’t all too shabby in terms of energy consumption and efficiency back in the day, we can certainly appreciate the increased performance per watt the Ivy Bridge design enables. Take a close look at the E8400 and Q9550. The added performance secured by boosting voltages came at a steep increase in power consumption.