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Making Digital Home Movies, Part 1


After figuring out what hardware and accessories to buy, let's turn our attention to software. If you thought the hardware was expensive, you haven't seen anything yet.


Sony Vegas video editing of the Soul Train line

Editing software takes your video and layers on your special effects and titles, producing a single video. This is called compositing. You will be spending most of your time editing, so it makes sense to pick the right editing software. I personally like Sony's Vegas , while other people may like Pinnacle Studio . It is important to try them all and find the one that is most comfortable to use.


Most of the editing programs have rudimentary audio processing features, but you may opt to buy a dedicated audio editor like Sony's Sound Forge . One of neatest features of audio editing software is noise reduction. You can actually reduce certain types of noise in your videos. With enough skill and practice, the annoying hum of an air conditioning unit or a refrigerator can be eliminated.

Another nice feature of modern audio programs is to take a sound and pan it around your surround sound speakers. I've spent many hours moving around bullet and jet plane sounds in the Vegas program. It is SO FUN.