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Best Of The Best, Part 3: Who Makes The Most Elite PC Case?

Are Any Of These Three Cases Elite Enough?

Our search for a case with the best of everything is starting to look a little unrealistic. Some might compare it to a car with the cornering ability of a Porsche and the comfort of a Rolls Royce, but cases are far less dynamic. In fact, Zalman’s H1 was the only case that “moved” at all!

Putting the H1 in an elite case round-up presents us with the problem that it’s made of mid-grade materials, using mid-grade design tenets like sliding-tab side panels. It has but one Elite-worthy feature, and while that one is a dandy, it’s not going to get us to best-of-the-best status.

Mountain Mods manufacturers cases for elitists, yet configurability is really the advanced feature you're paying for. The company offers high-quality materials to win us over, along with impressive radiator support, but building and servicing any PC placed into this thing is time consuming. And its acoustic performance…well, let’s just say that the more radiators a case supports, the more holes it has. It looks like a great system for an extreme PC project, but when it comes to daily convenience…can we get a slide-in drive bracket at least? Maybe just some front-panel connectivity?

Nanoxia keeps things plain and simple in its Deep Silence 6. Of course, plain probably isn't the hallmark of an Elite award-winning contender, but we do like the brushed-aluminum accents. As quiet as this thing is, I expected a 49-pound case to be nearly silent. And although I haven't mentioned this yet, you’d better be ready to catch those super-heavy side-panels as they fall after pivoting them only a few degrees from being closed.

All three of today’s cases are definitely high-end in one way or another, though I have to maintain that none of them qualify as the best of the best. We’re already beginning to compromise our search for an uncompromised product.