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Ready For the Masses - Video Editing With Matrox RT2000

Digital Editing - Ready For The Masses, Continued

But there is also a downside. Currently, there are hardly any PC vendors that equip their PC systems with proper hardware. Users who want to edit their holiday video clips will probably find lots of megahertz and gigabytes instead of special solutions.

In most cases, a card for video editing is missing. This situation will not change in the near future because the majority of these "special offers" are very price-orientated. The manufacturers and assemblers of PC systems just ignore the demand for editing videos. With the Matrox RT2000 pack it is relatively easy to upgrade a standard PC to a semi-professional editing system.

Our test system consists of a PC system with the Matrox RT2000, a digital video camera from Sony, the DCR-PC110E , a monitor for controlling, flat panel display and VCR.