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SBM 1: Low Cost System


Our first synthetic benchmark is 3dMark05, and once again we see what happens when the e4300 is combined with the powerful 8800 GTX. The e4300 bottlenecks the 8800 GTX's graphics performance so consistently that the results hardly change regardless of the resolution or image quality enhancements.

On the other hand, the e6750 allows the 8800 GTS to work to its full potential. At low resolutions, the e6750/8800 GTS 320 MB combo easily outpaces the e4300/8800 GTX combo. Just like our game benchmarks showed, though, at higher resolutions the GTX flexes its muscles and doesn't budge, while the 8800 GTS 320 MB starts to show its limitations.

Specviewperf is an interesting benchmark, because it stresses both the CPU and video card. You can really see which benchmarks are CPU dependent (where the new system has a large lead) and which benchmarks are graphics card dependant (where the old system is tied or has a slight lead). On average, the new system wins by a notable margin.