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Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate: Breathing New Life Into Tablet PCs

Forget HDMI. Intel's WiDi Makes It Easy

Samsung's Slate supports Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi) technology. A few things have changed since our first look at WiDi, because Intel now allows you to play protected video content, and it supports 1080p.

Push2TV HD

Of course, WiDi requires a compatible adapter like Netgear's Push2TV HD. Once you get your hands on that piece of hardware, connecting is relatively simple. Just hook up the adapter via HDMI to your TV or monitor and you're ready to start.

Start Screen

The next step is to connect the display via Intel's WiDi software by entering a PIN.

A video signal from the tablet PC is then streamed wirelessly onto your HDTV.

We've tried connecting WiDi on a few TVs, and the process is easy each time. The only problem we've seen is that the display isn't always proportioned quite right. Fortunately, WiDi lets you adjust the image. The resulting image quality is good, but not great. It’s on par with streaming movies on Amazon or Netflix.

The bigger problem is that streaming video requires on-the-fly encoding, which not only employs Quick Sync's fixed-function logic, but also the HD Graphics engine's encoding units. We didn't have a USB 2.0-based Blu-ray drive to connect, but standard-def DVD playback causes CPU usage to spike to 30%.