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Upgrading to Hyper-Threading? The PL-iP4 Adapter from PowerLeap

Installation: A Matter Of Minutes

At first we were worried that removing the little adapter from the processor would be difficult and would have to be done carefully, because it has to be placed completely on the pin side of the processor. But we need not have worried; in fact, installation is very easy, as the adapter only rests very lightly on the pins.

The best way to set the adapter in place is to lay the Pentium 4 with the pins upward on an anti-static surface (for example, an ESD bag on a desk). Then, turn the iP4 adapter in such a way that the CE logo is also showing. The two missing pins in one corner indicate the direction in which the processor and adapter must be placed, one above the other.

With just a slight shake, the adapter is mounted. Now, the new "sandwich" only needs to be set into the processor socket as usual.

This is what the whole thing looks like when you are done - and have done it correctly. The printed side of the adapter can still be seen; the type designation should be visible.