ZyXEL Intros Portable Router, Access Point

Tuesday ZyXEL Communications announced the availability of its new palm-sized MWR102 that's designed to slip into your pocket or a laptop case. The $39.99 device functions as a Wi-Fi router, an access point and a client bridge, depending on your specific need. It also provides USB connectivity for when an electrical wall outlet isn't immediately available, and wireless transfer speeds up to 150 Mbps thanks to 802.11n connectivity.

"This miniscule device is perfect for business travelers, who typically carry several mobile devices, such as a smartphone, tablet and laptop, and require constant Internet connectivity," the company said. "The MWR102 also boasts dedicated LAN and WAN ports, so it may be used as a wireless access point in hotel rooms, conference rooms or other locations that have a wired connection or poor WLAN coverage. Providing an economical Internet access alternative, the connection may be shared with multiple people."

According to the specs, the MWR102 sports two 10/100 Mbps ports, one for WAN and one for LAN, and the miniUSB port for power. Wireless security includes WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, and the LAN-based security includes 64/128-bit WPA/WPA2, an SPI Firewall, and WPS setup. Routing an IP management consist of Static IP, DHCP, PPoE and NAT.

The MWR102 will be available October 27, 2011 on all major e-commerce sites for $39.99 USD.

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  • festerovic
    Networking swiss army knife for $40? Sounds good to me. Never owned a Zyxel product before, wonder if it will be worthy of my laptop bag?
  • rshillshooter81
    their products are amazing. I have used several I own 2 and I have installed MANY USG from USG20 to USG1000. Amazing products/support!
  • HenrikG
    I just grab my rooted phone and enable the hotspot... ;)