Microsoft Studios Halts Development of Age of Empires Online

Age of Empires: Online, the game that brings the classic strategy civilization-building series to the free-to-play format, will no longer be releasing new content.

Gas Powered Games and Microsoft Studios explained that their decision to halt active development was due to their financial situation. "Why no more content?" says the game's official blog. "Because creating top-tier content, as we have been for the last year and a half, is very expensive—too expensive to maintain for long, as it turns out. We can no longer afford to keep creating it. AOEO already has a very large amount of high-quality, hand-crafted entertainment, and adding more is no longer cost-effective."

However, the announcement also makes it quite clear that this doesn't mean Age of Empires: Online is going away. For current players, nothing will change, as all existing content will remain. Gas Powered Games and Microsoft Studios will continue to support the game and host community events. However, "Fixing any remaining bugs and addressing balance issues will be slower and, frankly, more difficult for the team. Some may, in fact, be unfixable," states the blog post.

Though AoE: Online will remain for now, it's difficult to see the game being able to sustain itself for much longer. The life of a MMO, especially a free-to-play one, is heavily reliant on new content to re-energize veteran players and entice new players into playing. Hopefully, AoE: Online will see some better days.


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  • falchard
    In other news, many people learn that Age of Empires Online does exist.
  • Pinhedd
    perhaps game studios will now stop creating free-to-play/pay-to-win bullshit
  • Ironslice
    I miss the days of Age of Empires, Age of Mythology, Flight Simulator and other great games that Microsoft stopped making. Thank God they're still making Halo, but I wish there was a PC version :/
  • Other Comments
  • Pinhedd
    perhaps game studios will now stop creating free-to-play/pay-to-win bullshit
  • A Bad Day
    pinheddperhaps game studios will now stop creating free-to-play/pay-to-win bullshit

    There's a fine line between F2P and P2W...

    Some games do it well, others, well, they don't last long.
    Kinda sucks because I like GPG as a studio.

    I wonder what there next project is? ;)