Kindle Fire Accounts for 37% of U.S. Android Tablet Market

Mobile marketing and apps analytics firm Localytics has revealed that Amazon's Kindle Fire accounts for 37 percent of the U.S. Android tablet market.

The U.S. is the dominant market for Android tablet sales with a 59 percent share of global sales. Localytics says Amazon's share of the U.S. market has grown to the point where tablet app developers should make sure their apps are available through Amazon's App Store (the Google Play Store is not available on the Kindle Fire).

"In the meantime, any Android developer with a focus on tablets should be distributing their apps in the Amazon App Store," said Localytics, which analyzed data from over 500 million unique devices during its research.

"The degree to which Amazon has dominated their most serious geographical market should speak to the future potential, and since Google Play is unavailable on the Kindle Fire family, adding Amazon’s App Store as a distribution channel is important."

The Barnes and Noble Nook tablet took second place with a 10 percent market share in the U.S., while Samsung Galaxy devices settled for a 9 percent share. The Google Nexus 7, meanwhile, follows behind in fourth with an 8 percent market share.

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  • bustapr
    i honestly expected the nexus 7 to have alot more than just 8% considering all the praise and sort of religious following its garnered. I do like that the Nook tablet isnt getting too overshadowed by the rest of the market, it really is a great option at its price range.
  • ubercake
    Amazon is good to its customers. This is key.
  • tokencode
    It's because you get a lot for your money with the kindle when it comes to hardware, mainly because Amazon subsidizes it in order to have another pair of eyes to sell content to.