Acer Debuts Dualboot Android/XP Netbook at $300

Dual-booting netbooks aren’t new. In fact, we've seen quite a few of Linux/Windows ultra portables over the last couple of years. However, with so few Android/Windows netbooks around, the idea has never really gotten old for us and Acer is offering a price that's almost too good to resist – for those who can get it, that is. 

The 10.1-inch Aspire One AOD255 was introduced at the Taipei Computer Applications Show earlier on today and packs the modest specs we're used to seeing in netbooks: Intel's Atom N450 CPU; 1GB of DDR; a 160GB HDD and a 3-cell Li-ion battery. Nothing too special there, but the price is a pretty attractive $300.

Unfortunately, PC World reports that this is a special attendees-only show price. Us plebs will have to fork out around $375 for the dual-boot machine. Unfortunately, the extra $75 on top of the fairly modest specifications makes this a little bit steep in our books, even if it does run Android.

How much would you pay for the AOD255? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • JasonAkkerman
    XP? Really? Something wrong with 7?
  • unholygregor
    acer sucks ass, had my laptop 18 months and the backlight died allready. $100 to repair, stinking b**tards...
  • JimmiG
    Netbooks are starting to feel a bit old-fashioned in a world of smartphones and tablets.
    Sold my 8.9" Aspire One some time ago. An Android smartphone does everything I used the netbook for, but unlike the netbook, I can carry it in my pocket. Sure, it's a drag to type more than two lines of text on it, but that's the only drawback compared to the netbook. When I know I will be needing to type, I bring my 15" laptop instead, just like I did when I had the netbook.