Canon X Mark I Mouse Packs Integrated Calculator

Mice can be pretty boring. Though there are some really great designs out there, the majority of mice are simple, traditional affairs that don't stray too much from the tried and true form that so many of us are comfortable with. However, this little number from Canon has really grabbed our attention.

Spotted by the Engadget crew at Photokina, a photography trade show that just finished up yesterday, this is the X Mark I mouse launched last month by camera maker Canon. The X Mark I is a 1,200dpi wireless Bluetooth mouse first and foremost, but it doubles as a calculator. Now, you might be wondering why you'd need a calculator when you're sitting at your computer and have access to one on your screen. When we first heard about the X Mark I we were skeptical too. However, once we heard it doubles as a numpad, our little laptop wielding hearts started to flutter.

Disappointingly, Engadget reports that the mouse is quite big, which makes it uncomfortable to hold. On the plus side, its bulky size means the calculator buttons are generously sized and easy to use.

The X Mark I will be available next month for $63. Any takers?

Source: Engadget

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  • liveonc
    Touchscreen numberpad & t9 with swipe please!
  • theuerkorn
    The picture doesn't look that big, unless that person's hand is huge. Interesting idea though. I myself quite often reach for a calculator and this would put it in my hand when I need it. Nice.
  • IzzyCraft
    It's either going to be a good numpad and a shitty mouse or a good mouse and shitty numpad.