Battle Hero Cooler Geared for Gaming Notebooks

Thursday EVERCOOL Thermal Corp. announced the BATTLE HERO, a laptop cooling pad specifically designed with gamers in mind. Slated as "the best cooling weapon to fight back the heat," the device accommodates 12-inch to 15-inch notebooks and 9-inch to 11-inch netbooks with a pure aluminum shell and dual long-life fans.

According to the company, the cooling pad sports two USB ports for additional flash drives, speakers, or other USB-based accessories. It also provides two slide-out drawers for USB cables, flash drives, or other small accessories.

"From functional points, it addresses the issue that gamers may use laptops for a long time and do not worry about heat and high temperatures if they have BATTLE HERO, EVERCOOL stated. "And from the psychological point of view, BATTLE HERO will remain a trustful partner by your side and give support in the difficult moments."

Pricing and availability was not provided. The BATTLE HERO was also not listed (yet) on Newegg, however users can currently purchase the Hawk 1 notebook cooling pad for $16.49.

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  • subgum
    A large amount of "Gaming Notebooks" are in the 17" (or similar) variety. So why are they not planning a 17" Battle Hero?
  • nevertell
    What is the point of these, they're just going to cool the plastic casing og my laptop, but none of the hardware, if there are no vents on the backside of my 'top.
  • iam2thecrowe
    why would they sell laptops with inadequate cooling anyway? is there a need for this?