Eurocom Crams Core i7 Into a Notebook

Computer company, Eurocom today proudly displayed the specs for the upcoming D900F PHANTOM i7 and a name like that, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the fuss is about: a laptop with Intel’s Core i7.

CeBit is just around the corner and considering the weather is getting colder and snowier, we’re hoping the show in German will give us something hot to keep us warm. However, while a Core i7 notebook sounds great, there are a couple of things to consider before we get all hot under the collar.

It’s no secret that the Core i7 isn't built for laptops -- not yet, at least. Intel has said it will be scaling down its Nehalem architecture to suit laptops in 2H 2009 so why cram the monster processor into a notebook? ‘Cause they can.

The Eurocom D900F Phantom i7 mobile workstation is a high-end 17-inch notebook based on Intel's desktop-class Intel Core i7 processor and X58 chipset.  The notebook also features an Nvidia G280 GPU.

We won’t mince words, this thing is a monster. The Core i7 and 8 MB of L2 aside, the D900F packs 8 GB of DDR3, up to 1.5 TB of storage, 4 USB ports and a 12-cell battery. Unfortunately the spec sheet doesn’t list how long you can expect that 12-cell battery to last when you’re running this thing but we’re going to go out on a limb and assume you won’t want to be away from a power outlet for very long, which is great because the thing weighs the same as a very large baby. That’s right, be prepared to lug around 11.9 lbs of bulk. If nothing else, at least this will be the most compact Core i7 box on the market.

Check out the fill specs below. No word on pricing yet but we’ll likely know more as the May release date nears. In the meantime, any takers for this behemoth?

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  • Greatwalrus
    Sure, I'd be up for it if it's less than $1200. I currently only use my laptop for a desktop, but I really want to get a desktop next because I'm tired of having a laptop AS a desktop..
  • Anonymous
    Shouldn't the title be more along the lines of Clevo crams Core i7 into notebook, since Eurocom only rebrands them and does final customization?
  • fulle
    Yeah, this has little to do with Eurocom, since they just re-brand. This is a Clevo D900F... and I'd expect it to be branded by many companies, including Sager.

    Clevo's done this before, too. So, its nothing too unusual. Look at the Clevo d901c, aka Sager 9262. Clevo already has experience cramming desktop CPUs into large 17" laptops.

    IIRC, the Q6600, was 105W, and the i7s are like 130W... so, I'm pretty amazed they got it working in a laptop this quickly. I can't remember the previous laptop model having a higher power CPU than the Q6600, and they now just use 95W Q9650 CPUs...