Finally: Galaxy Tab Gets the Teardown Treatment

The Galaxy Tab has been in and out of the news for months. It's so hard to believe it only became available this past week, as we, like many people, felt we knew everything about the device before we'd even touched it.

Still, nothing compares to seeing the actual device in person, and most new Galaxy Tab owners will still be reveling in how it feels to have the tablet in their hands. The glossy, almost slippery exterior, the soft, rounded corners… For a product they know so much about, it all feels so new and unfamiliar.

However, we're willing to bet the last thing on any of their minds is defiling it by tearing it open just to get a look at the 1GHz Hummingbird processor and 1.5GB of RAM nestled inside. 

Luckily, Dr. iFixit is back again, with his handy bag of surgical tools. Click on through to see the how Samsung assembled this bad boy.

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  • Albyint
    But will it blend?
  • toastninja17
    AlbyintBut will it blend?

    You better believe it
  • toastninja17
    I would buy one over an iPad ANY day