HP Starts Shipping USB 3.0 Envy 15

HP has become one of the first PC companies to ship computers packing USB 3.0 technology. Commonly referred to as SuperSpeed USB, USB 3.0 offers transfer speeds of up to ten times what we've come to expect from USB 2.0.

HP spokesperson Sheila Watson confirmed to CNet that the company is now shipping certain Envy 15 configurations with USB 3.0 ports. "HP Direct (our online store) does now sell the Envy 15 with the USB 3.0 along with the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 Graphics (DX11)," said Watson.

Watson advised customers eager to get their hands on a model with USB 3.0 ports to configure their laptop with new ATI 5830 graphics and quad-core i7 processor.

Read the complete story here.

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  • tapnick
    yes please
  • HavoCnMe
    Pretty nice setup for a laptop, just order it with an SSD, and you will be Envied.
  • superblahman123
    Whats the data transfer rate for USB 3? Obviously faster than USB 2, but what are the numbers?