Intel's Core i7-4770K Overclocked to 7.0 GHz

While the Haswell launch is not far away, an overclocker who goes by the nickname "rtiueuiurei" has managed to get his/her hands on an engineering sample of the upcoming Core i7-4770K, and overclock it to an insanely high frequency.

The chip has been overclocked over 7 GHz, to precisely 7012.65 MHz. This was accomplished using a base clock of 91.07 MHz and a multiplier of 77.0. Of course, to keep such a ridiculous overclock stable the CPU needs an insanely high voltage. A staggering 2.56 V was used to accomplish this. Now, it is always possible that CPU-Z read the voltage wrong, because it is quite difficult to imagine that any modern CPU would survive such voltages. That said, we can only assume that "rtiueuiurei" had a very adequate cooling solution to accompany this.

Sadly, we can also question the screenshot, as the CPU-Z ID has been blurred out as well as a number of other things, so there is no way to retrace the post.

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  • Why aren't CPUs already running at a stock speed of 7GHz, anyway?
  • Specialized cooling to maintain a clock speed for a few minutes... Let me know what this chip can do on air or water for an extended period of time.
  • 2.56V... Reminds me of the good old Pentium II days. 27W@450MHz...
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  • Why is Tom's always so late?
  • 2.56V... Reminds me of the good old Pentium II days. 27W@450MHz...
  • Who cares...