OCZ Jumps On Mac Hardware Bandwagon

Need a Blu-ray burner or solid state drive for your Mac? MCE and OCZ are happy to oblige.

When it comes to laptops and desktops from Apple, you are typically stuck with whatever hardware comes in the original computer. Whether it's storage, RAM, or optical drives, upgrading a Mac can be a headache when compared to upgrading a PC. If you're a Mac owner and have been looking to upgrade, the last several days have seen a flurry of activity regarding Mac-specific hardware from several different companies.

OCZ, a brand known for PC memory, power supplies and solid state drives (SSDs), is now bringing a number of different Mac-specific SSD and RAM solutions to the market. For starters, OCZ has unveiled a "Mac Edition" Vertex SSD. Available in 30, 60, 120 and 250 GB flavors, the Mac Vertex drives boast read speeds of 220-240 MB/sec. and write speeds ranging from 125-170 MB/sec., with the smaller drives having the slower read and write speeds. These drives were tested in the labs over at Apple and are certified as such. A "guaranteed compatibility" list shows us that the drives are supposed to work flawlessly in any and all MacBooks and MacBook Pros released in mid-2007 or later. More specifically, if your Mac laptop shipped with OS X version 10.4.2 or later, you should be in the clear.

OCZ is also selling notebook RAM for Mac laptops. With DDR2-667 and DDR3-1066 speeds available, the memory is "Qualified by OCZ engineers in the Apple Development Center." both varieties are available in 2 GB and 4 GB kits, but there is no word on price just yet.

If you're rocking a Mac Pro desktop (or even an older Power Mac) and want to add a Blu-ray drive to your arsenal, MCE has unveiled its newest BD drive. At $400, the MCE burner boasts an 8x BD-R speed, 2x speed for re-writeable Blu-ray discs, and can write DVDs at 16x. While adding a Blu-ray burner to a Mac Pro setup would make for an impressive multimedia machine, Apple has yet to support Blu-ray players in its OS X software. Until that happens, the MCE drive can burn BD media, but it will not be able to play a Blu-ray movie on your Mac. That said, the burner will work with Adobe Premier Pro, Final Cut Pro and Roxio Toast 10.

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  • Humans think
    If I were Devin I would not lose the opportunity to post sth at the end of the commercial ooops "press release" to show my feelings

    I have upgraded the RAM of my Macbook by using standard 2GB module from Kingston. This whole MAC approved story is simply disturbing. What happened to generic hardware? Any SATA/USB HDD/SSD/CD/DVD/BD (same with memories) should work under Mac and shouldn't need an approval by Apple, all these are generic hardware ffs.

    There are just trying to find ways to charge us more for the same thing (Apple tax).
  • mamw93
    That's what makes Macs lesser to PC's. Impossible to upgrade and extremely expensive. All you pay for is that shiny Apple logo on the back. Mac OS 10 is 100 bucks to buy so you are overpaying by a ton.
  • Humans think
    I use Windows/OS X and Linux
    Some upgrades for Apple you can do on your own like the memory I upgraded or the hard drive, and it is fairly easy, so you don't pay Apple Tax.

    OS X won my heart, i go to Windows only for gaming. This is what Apple is using to drive us from the balls