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Ubisoft Expects Watch Dogs to Move 6 Million Units

By - Source: GameSpot | B 16 comments
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Ubisoft has really high expectations for Watch Dogs.

Videogame development budgets have ballooned in the last decade to rival that of blockbuster movies. There were reports floating around the time of BioShock Infinite's release that the game took $100 million to develop and another $100 million to market. With budgets like that, it's no wonder big publishers have high sales expectations for their games. Square Enix, for instance, decided that Tomb Raider's 3.4 million units sold in the first month wasn't enough. These expectations are a bit ludicrous, especially among analyst reports that claim that the market is only big enough for 10-12 multimillion dollar budget AAA games in a year. Obviously, the current number of AAA titles being released dwarfs this figure. 

Yet these discouraging numbers don't have Ubisoft down. The French publisher fully expects Watch Dogs to perform as well as the original Assassin's Creed, which sold 6.2 million copies. "What is true is that three months ago when we announced our results, we were kind of referencing that we, in our plan, we had built up Watch Dogs with expectation slightly below what Assassin's Creed 1 did when it was first released--and it was 6.2 million," stated a Ubisoft director. "So after E3, what we said today was that we do feel that we can expect…slightly above the 6.2 million that Assassin's Creed did."   

Watch Dogs is blitzing plenty of platforms come November 19th, releasing for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 versions will be hitting soon after each next-gen console launches. 

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