AMD Desktop 45nm CPU Lineup Revealed


AMD is planning to launch two 45 nm Phenom X4 CPUs (Deneb core) in 2008 with core frequencies of between 2.5-2.8 GHz and 2.4-2.7 GHz, with both adopting 6 MB L3 Cache and having a TDP rating of 95W, according to sources at motherboard makers. AMD will announce the final order date for its 125 watt Phenom X4 9750 by the end of the second quarter and the CPU will be replaced by a 95 watt version - which is available this quarter - while the 95 Wwatt Phenom X4 9850 will appear before January of 2009.

More here at Digitimes.

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  • Pei-chen
    "with both adopting 6 MB L3 Cache" means total L2 + L3 cache of 6mb or L3 cache increase from 2mb to 6 MB. A 4mb L3 cache increase is kinda big for just a refresh.
  • Kari
    If I understood it correctly the 2 mb cache on the current phenoms is 'too small' because of size/power/heat problems, they wanted to make it bigger but couldn't. The 45 nm version is more like it should have been from the day one.
  • wild9
    Be interesting to see how well these overclock :) Maybe AMD could introduce some more power-saving refinements as well.