QOTD: Do You Want True 3D Graphics for Games?

Both AMD and Nvidia are recently nearly neck to neck in terms of graphics performance. If you are fortunate enough to own a card from either company, you no doubt are able to play the latest games without a problem--especially when you're running in CrossFire or SLI.

Graphics processors are becoming ever speedy. More speed, more memory, and of course, more features. The latest generation of GPUs offer incredible processing power as well as being extremely programmable. However, in recent years, not many games have been able to take true advantage of some of the most powerful GPUs. Even GPUs from two years ago or older are able to hold their own in recent games without much problem.

Now, 3D glasses are making their way back into the limelight. But this isn't the first time 3D stereo glasses have tried to make a mark with gamers. There have been many failures. Nvidia is clearly making a push to bring them back with its GeForce 3D Vision.

The question of the day is: Do you want true 3D stereo for games or do you care less?

Most of today's games hardly cause our GPUs to break a sweat, and because of their programmability, GPUs are extremely versatile. Needless to say, GPU technology is way ahead of today's games. Perhaps it's a good time now for game developers to take true advantage of recent GPU technology and GPU speeds to do things such as support stereo 3D glasses or add more realism, detail or eye-candy to games.

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  • Blessedman
    I want a VR helmet that weighs less then an ounce and be wireless, lol. I am not sure glasses and expensive monitors are the wave of the future, but I am often wrong.
  • curnel_D
    I dont/wont care about 3D. I've tested it, and honestly I'm not extremely excited about it. Factor that in with the extreme price and the clunky annoying glasses, and it rates about a 0.001 on my give a damn-o-meter.
  • Daneel
    If they can make a light implementation of it, and it works easily and looks great, then sure :D It would sure bring some new life to games most people don't think of as 3d, like RTSs. I'd like to see support for other applications like AutoCAD as well though. I consider it just as important that it be flexible.