Asus to Release 11.6-inch Eee PC

We’ve seen Asus push the boundaries of what a netbook should do with the Eee PC 1004DN and its built-in optical drive.

Although we’ve seen larger-screened ‘netbooks’ from Dell in the Mini 12, Asus will soon be pushing the Eee PC to 11.6-inches, according to Digitimes.

The most popular, or at least the most readily available Eee PC models will still be 10-inchers – making up half of all Eee PC shipments – but the 11.6-inch model will be the second most popular with 30 percent Asus’ netbook shipments for the year.

The line between notebook and netbook is about to get blurrier.

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  • jeffeulogy
    i want a 22" netbook to replace my desktop!
  • mtyermom
    ...but will it play...

    (I'm just going to stop right there)
  • falchard
    Why would anyone want a smaller laptop with less performance for more cost then a real laptop?