QOTD: How Much Are Google's Services Worth?

Google today announced to the world its Chrome OS, which is just another piece in the puzzle to forming the complete Google-powered environment.

The core of Google's value is still what it can offer all internet users email, maps, translations, document and calendar collaboration, instant messenger, picture and video sharing, and perhaps above all, categorization of information.

Google is branching out, though, with its own web browser, mobile OS and ecosystem, and soon an operating system for netbooks to integrate it all together.

Some traditional office applications can be replaced by Google's cloud-based services, even leading some business to pay the Mountain View, Calif. company for corporate use of its apps.

The goal of the Chrome OS when it launches in the second half of 2010 is to integrate all of the Google services into one cohesive environment. The Chrome OS will be free, and we're guessing that the standard use of mail, documents, calendar will also be free. But at some point, Google's software will begin to push out similar offerings from Microsoft and Apple – software and services that users currently pay for and attach value to.

Assuming that Google's software and services could eventually replace your current paid-for products, how much are you willing to pay for the search giant's present (or eventual) offerings? More or less than what you are paying for now from Microsoft or Apple?

In other words, our QOTD is: How much are Google's services worth to you?

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  • Anonymous
  • steiner666
    As much as I'm currently playing: $0. Google is just one of the many free search engines i have in firefox, I dont plan on using their OS, just as I dont plan on using chrome, and for the same reason: i'm not a basic, noobish end-user who just wants to check my email and read articles on my netbook (dont own one) while sippin' on lattes. I need the add-ons and features of firefox and the ability to play games and such in a windows OS.
  • farrarj
    It depends--If Chrome OS were as advanced as Windows, I would be willing to pay a microsoft-like price tag. Unfortunately, Chrome will not be as advanced as other established operating systems; and it will not be compatible with most of the software I use. It is ideally suited for just the market it is going into: inexpensive, low-powered notebooks. It must be cheaper than OEM Windows Xp (about $20) so free is about right.