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These Micro-ATX Cases Support Long Cards

By - Source: Sharkoon | B 20 comments

Sharkoon has introduced two micro-ATX cases that have enough room for a lengthy GeForce GTX 590 card.

Wednesday Sharkoon revealed two micro-ATX cases for gamers that can house graphics cards measuring up to 14.2-inches in length. Called the Sharkoon MS120 mATX and the Sharkoon MS140 mATX, both feature a black finish and front blue LED-packed fans mounted behind a blask mesh insert. However, the The MS120 is the tallest of the two, featuring two 120-mm fans whereas the MS140 features a single 140-mm fan.

"The functionality of both is the same," the company said Wednesday. "Both cases contain auxiliary audio and three USB 2.0 ports, and a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port on the front of the I/O panel. Inside contains an optical drive, an externally accessible 3.5-inch drive and four extension card slots, and up to four 3.5-inch hard drives or up to six 2.5-inch hard drives or SSDs."

So how will gamers cram a GeForce GTX 590 or a Radeon HD 6990 into such a small enclosure? According to Sharkoon, one of the two suspended mounting panels for "data mediums" can be removed. Otherwise, hard drives and optical drives are inserted lengthwise within these two panels. On both panels, either two 3.5-inch HDDs or three 2.5-inch HDDs can be firmly attached.

"Despite its compact design, efficient cooling of the housing is ensured: The airflow through the pre-installed front fan is supported through the air intake on the side panel," Sharkoon said. "By surrendering the supported PCIe-Slot on the mainboard for a graphic card cooler, a filter-protected 120mm fan can be mounted to the base of the case. Additionally, a fixture to mount an 80 or 92-mm fan is located in the rear."

So far availability is unknown although the cases are slated to arrive in Europe first for a MSRP of €34.90 ($46.55 USD) for the Sharkoon MS120 mATX, and a MSRP of €29.90 for the Sharkoon MS140 mATX ($39.88). Stay tuned for a North American release date and pricing.

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    verbalizer , October 6, 2011 4:29 PM
    I know of a few more than those options.
    different sizes and shapes with and without windowed panels.
    look nice though, I'll take a closer look when I need another mATX case.
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    halcyon , October 6, 2011 4:41 PM
    Wow, and they have a nice clean design. Thermaltake, pay attention.
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    ikyung , October 6, 2011 5:15 PM
    Yay. They got the pricing right.
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    rohitbaran , October 6, 2011 5:15 PM
    Nice. They are functional and don't break the bank.
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    DSpider , October 6, 2011 6:04 PM
    I like the one on the right. Bring these babies to Europe before December and they got themselves a deal.
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    cobra5000 , October 6, 2011 6:28 PM
    Nice, clean looking cases. their name really, Sharkoon?
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    halcyon , October 6, 2011 6:34 PM
    cobra5000Nice, clean looking cases. their name really, Sharkoon?

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    JohnnyLucky , October 6, 2011 7:50 PM
    Sharkoon Technologies GmbH is a German corporation with headquarters in Linden, Germany. They have a branch office in Taiwan.

    I would not be surprised if the new cases became available in Europe first.
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    Anonymous , October 6, 2011 9:21 PM
    Ha! Antiquated cases... the new ones from thermaltake have the psu on bottom.
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    Proximon , October 6, 2011 9:24 PM
    Ha! Antiquated cases... the new ones from thermaltake have the psu on bottom.

    Best post I've read all day.
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    AbdullahG , October 6, 2011 11:03 PM
    Me being a fan of microATX builds, this looks like a nice, cheap case to work with. However, because cable management lacks in many mATX cases(NZXT Vulcan and SilverStone TJ08-E are the few mATX cases that actually have it), that would really be nice.
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    Anonymous , October 6, 2011 11:27 PM
    They look like Fractal Design ripoffs.
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    Nim Chimpsky , October 6, 2011 11:36 PM
    Ooh, wow, yeah. I've never seen a case that could fit a long graphics card before.[/sarcasm]
    This is the same guy who wrote "Thermaltake Case Has PSU On Bottom, Fans on Top" today.
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    dontknownotsure , October 6, 2011 11:55 PM
    my angle grinder supports card of any size
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    Anonymous , October 7, 2011 12:31 AM
    Whats the big advantage of having a case thats a few inches shorter than a standard mid tower? It has the same footprint size, so I don't see how it really saves space. It just means you have to reach further down to pop in a dvd or plug in a usb drive.
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    youssef 2010 , October 7, 2011 6:00 AM
    Sharkoon???? Never knew this brand name existed. But the cases look nice. Although, the market of computer cases is so saturated that the manufacturers are replicating each other with different shapes for the outer frame. There has been no innovation at all for most of the new cases. Some cases ,like the Thermaltake MKI Chaser, feel like it went from design to mass production without having a prototype to test and find out that the temperatures are seriously ridiculous.
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    youssef 2010 , October 7, 2011 6:02 AM
    Al3sHa! Antiquated cases... the new ones from thermaltake have the psu on bottom.

    These "Sharkoons" still have a top-mounted PSU????? Oh well......
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    Nim Chimpsky , October 7, 2011 6:14 AM
    It amuses me to think that somewhere out there is someone who is going to buy one of these black boxes with blue honeycomb grilles labeled "Sharkoon."
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    Anonymous , October 7, 2011 10:17 AM
    We have had Sharkoon cases here for a while in the UK not sure about the rest of Europe though.

    I haven't used one but they look pretty good and a reasonable price, My last one was a Coolermaster but the Sharkoon was on the list.
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    pelov , October 7, 2011 1:38 PM
    What's up, Tom's? Past 2 articles regarding PC cases have looked more like blatant advertisements rather than informative pieces of journalism.

    There have been case choices for mATX builds to support longer video cards for a while now, and these people certainly aren't the first to do it. It would have been nice to throw in a couple other options in there that could suffice for builds with big cards rather than a spotlight on a single company for a yet-to-be-seen product.

    Thermaltake opting to stick the PSU on the bottom may have been news in 2005, but today? Really?