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NEC Intros New Professional 23-Inch Displays

By - Source: NEC | B 17 comments

NEC has refreshed its professional monitor family.

The company is offering two new 23-inch displays, the MultiSync P232W-BK and P232W-BK-SV, both designed to appeal to web designers, online video and photography professionals, and enthusiasts.

The P232W-BK is offered for MSRP $569 and uses a white LED-backlit IPS panel, which makes it slimmer than its predecessor and drops power consumption to 29 watts. An integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the display's brightness based on lighting conditions. NEC promises that the P232W-BK delivers accurate, consistent and repeatable color performance. Connectivity includes DisplayPort, DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, and USB to run two computers with one keyboard and mouse, but with their own color space.

A step up from the P232W-BK, the high-end P232W-BK-SV adds hardware color calibration using NEC's SpectraView technology. The SV is priced at $819.

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    tykel , June 16, 2012 9:10 PM
    What about screen resolutions?
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    vittau , June 16, 2012 9:11 PM
    And yet another 1920x1080 monitor (and the article doesn't even mention it).
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    Shinseina , June 16, 2012 9:13 PM
    They look pretty nice!

    Too bad the price tag is a bit high for people on a budget like myself!
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    LordConrad , June 16, 2012 9:53 PM
    john_4I have a 24" Samsung at 1920 x 1200 on my gaming rig and loath the day it dies because you can't find that resolution anymore.

    Dell is still selling their Ultrasharp U2410 which is 1920x1200. I have one and the color and image quality is awesome.
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    pdxalex , June 16, 2012 9:53 PM
    john_4I have a 24" Samsung at 1920 x 1200 on my gaming rig and loath the day it dies because you can't find that resolution anymore.

    Sure you can. 24" Dell Ultrasharps run at 1920x1200.
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    Anonymous , June 16, 2012 10:12 PM
    Hands down the best monitor I've ever owned at 1920x1200 (I have 3 of them and talked my company into buying them with any new computers because they are such a good deal) for only like $270.. the Hanns-G 27"
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    darkrydr3 , June 17, 2012 12:41 AM
    john_4I hear ya, looked them up. overpriced considering 1080P monitors are a dime a dozen. "appeal to web designers, online video and photography professionals, and enthusiasts" RUBISHFor a couple hundred extra over the sv model, give me a Apple Cinema display at 2560-by-1440 any dayI have a 24" Samsung at 1920 x 1200 on my gaming rig and loath the day it dies because you can't find that resolution anymore.

    A dime a dozen? only if you consider buying them for gaming and regular everyday use. These NEC monitors are geared more towards designers and photographers as it has a high color gamut and excellent color reproduction. Try looking at the more professional models that run for thousands of dollars. When you are in an industry in which your work and clients rely on 100% color accuracy and reproduction, IPS's are the way to go.
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    babuloseo , June 17, 2012 2:02 AM
    I need a monitor like this...
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    chumly , June 17, 2012 4:56 AM
    ...or spend $200 less and get a 1440p S-IPS from Korea.
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    DRosencraft , June 17, 2012 6:23 PM
    People, read the first line of the story. This is a professional series IPS monitor. It's primarily for graphic designers and the like who need a screen that does an exceptionally good job at recreation of colors. Professionals are not all that concerned with the who race you all seem to think concerning reaching 4k res. For some professionals they would sooner choose an old CRT monitor before a higher resolution LCD just to get better, more consistent, color reproduction. The same way you wouldn't grab a FirePro or Quaddro GPU for gaming, or a Xeon for your gaming rig or ultimate enthusiast PC, not everyone should buy an IPS monitor.
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    hate machine , June 17, 2012 7:07 PM
    john_4OK you have one, a Dell, now name off several more who offer 1920 x1200, you can't.

    Lenovo, HP, ASUS, NEC, Lacie (Who?), Acer...
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    cybersans , June 18, 2012 2:44 AM
    only n00bs/gamers/hipsters are using 1920x1080.
    professionals/leets/geeks are using 1920x1200.

    remember that, boys.

    1920x1200 users.
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    captaincharisma , June 18, 2012 5:29 PM
    cybersansonly n00bs/gamers/hipsters are using 1920x1080.professionals/leets/geeks are using 1920x1200.remember that, boys.regards1920x1200 users.

    if you translate this post he is telling you he is a 40 year old virgin LOL
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    freggo , June 18, 2012 11:42 PM
    "video and photography professionals"

    Yeah, that's me... and how do I edit an 1920x1080HD movie in Premiere on a 1920x1080 monitor...

    These PR types have to get it in their heads that TV resolution is not enough for many serious computer applications. Especially at prices upwards of $500 !

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    Anonymous , June 22, 2012 7:16 PM
    Please explain what you're going to do with only 120 pixels more. If you're editing at 100% why don't you just buy a 27"+ display or get another 1080P one. Some pro you are, lol...
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    Anonymous , July 9, 2012 12:18 PM
    What you are paying for here is not a crappy gaming monitor like most of you already have. The NEC P232W is part of NEC's high-end professional series. It supports 14-bit 3D look up tabels (LUTs) which are critical for color accuracy in a design, photography, and color correction workflows. This monitor also has the new W-LED (White LED) backlighting over the old CCFL (Cold-Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlights. The difference is the W-LED backlighting delivers a noticable truer white over the yellowish-white of a CCFL. Put a W-LED with a white background next to a CCFL with the same background and you will see the difference. A CCFL will also yellow even more over time. The W-LED backligting has a longer display life and is backed by a 4 year warranty. The highly accurate ICC/ColorSync color profiles use the Bradford Chromaticity Adaptation matrix. The color gamuts sizes are: sRGB 102%, NTSC 72.2%, and Adobe RGB 95.6%. In a nutshell a high-end color accurate monitor with a fast 8ms response time, which also makes it ideal for video editing.
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    Russ Soukoreff , March 29, 2013 8:42 AM
    In answer to those who think a 1920x1050 monitor is not suitable for Video and Photography - I disagree.
    I use multiple monitors and adobe products allow my to fullscreen my preview/edit display on one monitor. They also allow me to zoom into the critical area that I'm working on. I can do all this for under half the price of a higher res 30" monitor.

    The color representation of this monitor almost equals NEC 2500$ higher res monitors. Better than most of my competition uses.

    This is not an everyday youtube/email/gaming monitor. It sells at a fraction of the price that I used to pay 5 years ago for the equivalent wide-gamut monitor. I've spent more on color calibration hardware and software than this monitor sells for.