Nvidia to Unleash 'Fermi' GF100 on March 26

Nvidia hit the social networks, drumming up excitement for the release of its next product. What we've been waiting for, apparently, is the announcement of a launch date for the next-generation Nvidia GF100 hardware, codenamed Fermi.

The official word now from Nvidia's Twitter account is:

Apologies for the confusion around our most recent GF100 update. To clarify, launch date for GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 is March 26, 2010

The message was preceded by word that the new GPUs will be at PAX East:

The wait is almost over! The world's fastest PC graphics gaming technology will be unveiled PAX 2010. Visit: www.nvidia.com/paxeast.

Are you waiting for Fermi for your next upgrade?

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  • maximus20895
    I really don't give a damn about fermi anymore.
  • micr0be
  • Sabiancym
    I have a feeling ATI has something waiting for when Fermi comes out. It seems like they've been one step ahead of Nvidia everytime for the last year or so.

    Either way, color me excited.
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  • Mousemonkey
    The link is broke mate.
  • parkergrove
    Soooooooo.... will prices of their old stuff drop now?

    I just bought a 5750 today, damnit.
  • gereth
    The link works if you get rid of the period on the end.