Mimedia Online Storage Sends HDD For Backup

Monday MiMedia introduced a new cloud-based backup plan that uses a hard drive to initially gather user files before offering them online. Once users backup their files and multimedia from the PC, the "Shuttle" drive is then sent back to MiMedia--using an enclosed label--for online access. This bypasses the long, tedious process of backing up data across a broadband connection.

According to MiMedia, the user's data is encrypted, re-organized by type and presented in a single user interface via MiMedia Online. "Users can login to MiMedia Online from any computer or iPhone to listen to music, including their favorite playlists, watch videos and view all of their photo galleries," the company said. "In addition, MiMedia makes it very easy to privately share photos and videos with friends and family."

MiMedia Online consists of three services--the Digital Media Player & Library for music, photos, and videos, the Backup Dashboard for backing up existing and additional files once the main load goes online, and the (m:) drive for storing other important files. The company also offers a free iPhone app for accessing the multimedia library on the go.

Currently the service is in beta and offers four monthly and annual options--25 GB for $5/month or $50/year, 50 GB for $10/month or $95/year, 100 GB for $14/month or $145/year, and 250 GB for $24/month or $245/year. The full-blown, non-beta version is expect to launch soon, followed by a Mac version currently in development.

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  • LLJones
    I still do not understand why you would pay somebody to back up your info, whatever it is. HDD have crashed to such a low price that you can buy a few of them for the 250gb storage price and have back ups of your backups. $50 will buy you a 320g hdd.

    You then do not have to worry about their system going down for whatever reason, having your stuff lost or hacked into or any number of other things that can and do happen to data once it is outside of your control.

    If your stuff is really that important, why would you hand it over to a third party?

    I'm sure the business will be huge, but it still baffles me.
  • dEAne
    I need to grab one of these.
  • mattamonett
    Use windows sky drive. Free. Then you can pick this up free.(http://cloudstorageexplorer.com) To make backing up super easy and super accessable.