SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse Boasts 1ms Response Time

Steelseries Sensei Wireless

CES is a smorgasbord for cool new tech, and the PC gaming peripheral selection wasn’t any different, with a ton of new toys for us to play with. One of them that stood out to us was probably one of the least flashy at the show, but that’s always been SteelSeries’s way. Performance over bling any day. The new SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse is an ambidextrous high-end gaming mouse based off one of SteelSeries’s most popular mice, the Sensei.

While the Sensei Wireless isn’t first wireless mouse from SteelSeries, it’s the first non-licensed wireless mouse, the other being the World of Warcraft Wireless MMO mouse from 2012. The primary concern that gamers have with wireless mice is that their response time isn’t good enough for pro-level gaming. Well, SteelSeries says that this mouse has a 1ms response rate, which should be more that fast enough for any gamer and if you really need to be wired you still have the option of connecting the mouse with a cable.

The new Sensei is also the first mouse to feature SteelSeries’s new propriety switches, which have ‘30 Million Click Durability’. Its other features include up to 8200 CPI, 8 programmable buttons and 16 hours of battery life. The charging base is particularly attractive, being crafted from sandblasted steel, and having cool LED light surrounding the mouse that indicates when it’s charged. All the LEDs on both the mouse and base can be customized with 16.8 million color options.

The SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Mouse will be available at the end of Q1 for $160.

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  • Jgriff
    Make a gaming controller already. There's enough options to choose from for the keyboard/ mouse crowd. But there needs to be more controllers, something that outdoes the ps4/x1 contoller if possible. The ds4 is the best controller I've ever used only if it was for a couple minutes, but I think it's still possible to outdo it. Tired of using a 360 controller, all heavy and bulky with that fat ass battery pack, and that cheap plastic feel, and them rigid nipple hard rubber sticks.
  • maxiim
    Meh, I do my PC gaming at my desk, no need for a wireless mouse.
  • edogawa
    Anonymous said:
    Meh, I do my PC gaming at my desk, no need for a wireless mouse.

    No need for a wireless mouse? You obviously speak for every other individual then. There is a large market for wireless mice; it would be naive to think otherwise.