Tom's Community Feature Feedback

We've got another Tom's Goodie Bag prize to give away, and we're hoping you can help us out with a bit of feedback on a new feature for the community we are working on.
Step 1: Go to this thread.
Step 2: Tell us what you think about our new Follow feature, where you can tag stuff on Tom's you want to keep an eye on.
It's as easy as that!
With your input, we hope to make improvements to this cool new feature.  Thanks in advance, and good luck!
Warm Regards,
Joe Pishgar
Community Manager, Tom’s Hardware

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  • Here's what I think: This new comment system sucks. You should have done some more targeted testing with it before implementation rather than moving on to some silly follow feature.
  • I think the new comment system is complete trash and that you dumbasses don't realize how many people use F5 to reload webpages with comments to see the new comments when those same stupid webpages don't update themselves automatically.
  • Firstly, the two development progressions are independent of one another. Secondly, you've been given opportunity to provide considerable feedback in the area of the forum we have set aside specifically for forum feedback - aptly named, "Forum Feedback". This feedback from our users have proven invaluable in developing the new platform design, creating new features and providing content to our users that they want most.

    If you find that you are able to provide more concise reasons than "This new comment system sucks" in a thread actually pertinent to the new comment system, we'd be grateful for your constructive input. Alternatively, trolls and trolling on Tom's Hardware are met with the full, merciless force of the moderation team. Please relay your detailed thoughts to a new forum thread in Forum Feedback for any input on the comment thread system. For this thread, keep responses On Topic, as relates to the giveaway or the Follow feature.

    Thanks for your cooperation! :)