Windows 8 App Store Screens Leaked

When you talk about an App Store, right now that usually points to something Apple-related. Apple would love the trademark to that name, but Amazon's fighting that with its own "Appstore" and so is Microsoft – possibly because it will have its own application store soon too.

A leaked screenshot published on ZDNet points to what looks like a Windows application called "Windows App Store." This new feature is believed to be in the works for Windows 8, but the screenshot appears as Windows 7 in theme. If Microsoft were to launch an App Store that will be integrated with Windows 8, it's likely that it will also offer it as an add-on to the growing Windows 7 base.

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  • LuckyDucky7
    Man, it looks dated already. Where's the IE9, this-is-2011-and-we-totally-ripped-of-Linux-but-you'd-never-know-unless-you-ever-see-a-Linux-package-manager look?

    I mean, come on! If it's going to be a place for all your apps it should give you the power to uninstall them as easily as you installed them.
    If it's trying to mimic the usability of the Linux GUI environment it needs to be doing a better job.
  • Verrin
    Reminds me of the Ubuntu Software Center.
  • fir_ser
    It appears that for every platform there will be an App Store, and that’s the trend these days.