In Pictures: 20 MMOG Realms You Should Explore

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  • haplo602
    no EVE Online ?
  • Anonymous
    You forgot EVE online - One of the biggest and most innovate games of all time
  • maurbeast
    eve and ultima, i believe deserved a place in there!
  • Other Comments
  • haze4peace
    As an avid MMORPG player I am really excited about late 2010/2011. There are multiple AAA mmorpgs being released. If you are interested in experiencing a new world, do some research on the upcoming games. Guild Wars 2, SW:TOR, Rift: Planes of Talara, Vindictus, TERA and more. Things are looking good for mmorpg players.
  • asty234
    you guys have DAOC labeled as launched in oct was 2001
  • tstng
    I would have expected Aion to be in the list as well.
  • Firehead2k
    Concerning GuildWars:
    "quests and encounters were endured locally on the gamer's PC"
    All non-town areas are instanced, meaning you won't run into other players that are not in your party. The player still plays online, nothing is done "locally".

    "Servers also played matchmaker for players wanting to quest in co-op mode"
    Not true. Only Random Arena (pvp) and the factions battles (also pvp) (from Factions) is where people are randomly paired. Other than that, people can take NPC heros or group with people (or solo) to go kill stuff.

    Additionaly worth mentioning is that GW has no grind. Level cap is low (20) and usually reached within a week. There is no 'uber-leet-gear', all gear performs essentially the same, depending on what one needs. Once items have the maximum stats, they only differ by their looks.
  • mathiasschnell
    Am I the only one who doesn't see a title to each picture and has the whole article off to the side and getting cut-off a bit?

    I'm using Chrome BTW and zoomed in a bit, but even zoomed out I think it does this.
  • Judguh
    I find it interesting the picture for the article on the homepage is of Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation when the article is all about PC MMORPGS's....
  • haplo602
    no EVE Online ?
  • kkiddu
    The interface of these picture stories isn't very user-friendly. I'd suggest TomsHardware to rework on this section, and add a 'View All' button so that all the pictures can be viewed on a single page.

    There's a lot of treasure [Especially WD HDD Factory Tour and Samsung Tour] that's difficult to access owing to the flawed interface of Picture Stories.
  • Fokissed
    Anarchy Online has been free to play for the entire 6 years that I have played it. The "until Feb 20XX" has been around for as long as I can remember and its always extended before the freeness expires.

    DAOC came out in 2001, not 2009.
  • Anonymous
    Unbelievable, Ultima Online is missing...
  • Anonymous
    You forgot EVE online - One of the biggest and most innovate games of all time
  • maurbeast
    eve and ultima, i believe deserved a place in there!
  • kd0frg
    didnt even mention Shaiya!?
  • decode
    What about Crowns of Power and Silk Road Online???
  • killerclick
    I don't like multiplayer games and MMORPGs in particular. It's just laziness on the part of the developers to let the users provide characters, AI and content to the game. How can you have a great game when instead of a tight plot and professional voice actors you have these dumb kids running around calling each other n00b and complaining about lag? I want KOTOR 3!
  • jamesedgeuk2000
    "Everquest started it all" Too young to have played Ultima Online then? or have you never played a MMORPG and just googled your research? UO was the MMORPG that kicked it off without which we wouldn't have had Everquest and wouldn't have WoW today, it was the trailblazer that proved the concept would work.

    Also you should have had Matrix Online (and the story of its death) as a bonus 21 as its worth hearing about :P
  • Darkerson
    Ive been playing on the EverQuest II Extended server, and while some of the limitations are annoying, like restricted classes and whatnot, the amount of content they give you is staggering, and its been a very fun experience overall.
  • Azimuth01
    No Ultima Online on your list? The game's been around since muds were mainstream. Every other game on your list has it's roots in UO, and it does not even get an honorable mention?

    Darkfall is missing as well, but that game never had a box on a shelf, and only available for digital download, so I'm not surprised.
  • bpeglow
    FFXI, EVE, Aion, etc.
  • Onus
    Guild Wars has been my only MMO, because of its free-to-play model. I will not pay a subscription to play a game I've already bought, unless it is no more than the cost of a monthly magazine (i.e. $4-$7). I am really looking forward to Guild Wars 2. I just hope they can reduce or even eliminate the nerfs, particularly in PvE; especially those that make no sense in the game world (e.g. Ranger pets no longer leaving a corpse; an animal leaves a corpse, but if a Ranger charms it first, no corpse??????)