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Video 11 To Download: 5.25 GHz With A P4, Continued

5 GHz Project: CPU Cooling With Liquid Nitrogen

While the first THG video controversially demonstrated the overload problems with the AMD AthlonXP/MP and caused a storm in the industry, the second video was a short and snappy guide to unleashing the almost unfettered overclocking potential of every AthlonXP/MP. The third video dealt with installing powerful water-cooling in a PC housing. Only first-rate components were used that represented a good investment for years to come. Video number four showcased Intel’s IDF 2002 while number five came to grips with the P4’s HyperThreading. For it, we pitted a P4 with 3.6 GHz (without HT) against a P4 3.06 GHz with HT.

The sixth video introduced a 4.1 GHz system and proved its potential. At the time it was one of the world’s fastest PC systems. Video 7 showed the highlights of IDF 2003. Video 8 handled the set-up and assembly of a compressor cooling system for extreme overclocking while maintaining stable operation. Temperatures of -52°C on the CPU head can be achieved. Another film (No. 9) dealt with highlights of IDF 2003 - details on the Pentium 4 with Prescott core. The tenth video focused on the Athlon64/64FX : How fast is the CPU against its rival from Intel ? Is there any movement on the overload problem ?

Video 11 To Download : 5.25 GHz With A P4

The new THG video number 11 : Cooling a Pentium 4 with liquid nitrogen and attaining a clock rate of 5.25 GHz

Our new video, number 11 in the series, has more of a theoretical nature. It shows how, by adjusting the FSB, the clock rate of a selected Pentium 4 is gradually raised to reach a record value of 5,255 MHz. The whole time, the system has to be topped up with liquid nitrogen.

2003 CPU Overclocking World Record

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