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Test Setup

600 MHz with Socket 7: The AMD K6-2+
Platform Information
Processor AMD K6-2+/500
L2-Cache Clock 500 MHz
Front Side Bus 100 MHz
Memory Clock 100 MHz
Memory Wichmann Workx PC133 SDRAM 128 MB CL2
(max. 1,1 GByte/sec transfer rate)
Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce
Common Hardware
Motherboard Aopen AX 59 Pro
Network 3COM 3C905B-TX
Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda ATA ST320430A
VIA 4in1-Driver Version 4.20
GeForce Driver Win98 5.30 (OpenGL- and AGP-Support)
Environment Settings
OS Windows 98 SE, DirectX 7.0a
Quake III Arena Timedemo 1, 640x480x16x85
Expendable Downloadable Demoversion, 640x480x16x85
Unreal Tournament Version 4.05b, Benchmark UTBench
Sysmark 2000 1024x768x16x85
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