600 MHz with Socket 7: The AMD K6-2+

AMD K6-2+ In Detail

Affordable tuning for all Socket 7 systems: The AMD K6-2+ offers a 128 kB L2 cache, and the maximum clock frequency of the processor is 550 MHz. It is possible to overclock the CPU to 600 MHz without any problems.

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ProcessorAMD K6-2+AMD K6-2
Process0,18 µm0,25 µm
Clock speeds475 to 550 MHz300 to 500 MHz
CPU PlatformSocket 7Socket 7
System Speed95 to 100 MHz66 to 100 MHz
L1 Cache64 kB64 kB
L1 Cache AccessCPU Core speedCPU Core speed
L2 Cache Interface64 Bit64 Bit
L2 Cache128 kB on-dieOn board, max. 2048 kB
L2 Cache ClockCPU Core Clock66 to 100 MHz
L3 CacheOn board, max. 2048 kBno
MMX Supportyesyes
3Dnow! Supportyesyes
MPS Supportnono
POwer SavingPowerNowno
VCore1,4 to 2,0 Volt2,2 to 2,8 Volt
V I/O3,1 to 3,3 Volt3,1 to 3,5 Volt
Power Consumptionmax. 20 Wattmax. 29 Watt

Two types of AMD processors for the old Socket 7 platform: In general the new K6-2+ differs from the old K6-2. The PowerNow technology requires a special motherboard with the appropriate voltage controller.