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Maxtor Shared Storage II

Maxtor's Shared Storage Does NAS At Home

The Maxtor Shared Storage II contains two hard drives, and can be purchased with either one or two terabytes of storage capacity. The stated storage capacity is the sum of the capacities of the individual drives. So if you’re interested in buying the device, consider what type of configuration they wish to run on the NAS device before they make their purchase—if run in RAID 1 mode, the specified storage capacity is halved.


The dark grey plastic housing is dressed up a bit by a silver stripe on the front of the unit where you’ll find the network and drive activity LEDs, as well as the status indicator. The top and bottom of the housing are made of a rubbery plastic, ensuring that the unit does not slip even on smooth surfaces.

The 2.7 kg Maxtor Shared Storage II reflects solid construction. On the rear of the unit there is a Gigabit Ethernet connection and two USB ports, as well as the connection for the external power supply and an on/off switch. Ventilation slots on the top and bottom of the unit, combined with the built-in fan, ensure that the contained drives get plenty of cool air. But the fact that a user may wish to replace the drives has not been taken into consideration. Should a drive fail and you need to replace it yourself, you’ll have to take the unit apart and break the warranty seal.

Bundle And Power Consumption

The hardware package includes the Shared Storage NAS unit, an external power supply with power cable, an Ethernet cable, and a quick start handbook. Three CD ROMs are also included. In addition to the user handbook in various languages, these contain the manuals for the Maxtor Easy Manage and Maxtor Backup software for both Windows and Macintosh computers. A version of this software that has been adapted for use with Windows Vista is available on the third CD.

With 21 watts of power consumed when idle and 32 watts during normal operation, the Maxtor Shared Storage II is one of the more efficient units around.

Software Installation

An easy-to-follow wizard guides you through the installation process. After a restart, the Maxtor Easy Manage Software is immediately available for use. If the Maxtor Shared Storage II unit is already switched on and has a connection to the network, the software shows the MAC and IP addresses of the NAS device, as well as the host name. The prerequisite for a successful IP address assignment is a functional DHCP server, which takes on the assignment of IP addresses in a network and is typically embedded in the network’s router.

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