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Benchmark Results: Adobe CS5 And 6

AMD Desktop Trinity Update: Now With Core i3 And A8-3870K

It almost seems a waste to have spent money on the A8-3870K—it’s barely any faster than the -3850.

But whereas Core i3 edges out both Llano-based APUs, our two dual-module examples of Trinity cruise right on by.

Although we only included the Core i3-2105 in our gaming tests, it’d lose by the same margin to the new A8 and A10, suggesting AMD’s upcoming APUs might end up costing a fair bit more than the existing Llano line-up.

The Sandy Bridge architecture gets the best of Trinity in Premiere Pro, though we’d suggest a CUDA-based card in this application anyway (and a more powerful processor, if you’re truly an aspiring video editor).

Our After Effects results fall much closer to each other, and the A10 manages to out-perform Intel’s Core i3-2100.

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