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JavaScript And DOM Performance

Which Web Browser Should You Run On Your Android Device?

JavaScript Composite Score

The JavaScript composite is also a geometric mean of the different JavaScript benchmark results: RIABench JavaScript, Google's modified version of Apple SunSpider, Mozilla Kraken, Google Octane, FutureMark Peacekeeper, and RightWare BrowserMark.

Dolphin takes the lead in JavaScript performance, though it only has a small lead over second-place finisher Sleipnir. The stock Android browser is also close behind in third place, with fourth-place finisher Maxthon nipping at its heels. Surprisingly, Chrome's JavaScript score doesn't exactly live up to the reputation earned by its desktop version. Meanwhile, Firefox takes a big dive, winding up in sixth. Opera Mobile finishes dead last, earning barely half of the winner's score.

Drill Down

The charts below contain the individual results for each JavaScript benchmark.

Notes: The single RIABench score that goes into the final JavaScript composite score is derived from the geometric mean of all nine RIABench JavaScript tests. Opera Mobile suffers poor results in SunSpider and Kraken, while both Firefox and Opera have trouble in Octane and Peacekeeper. Dolphin is consistently a leader throughout JavaScript performance testing.




The DOM Core subsection of Mozilla's Dromaeo DOM test is used to represent DOM performance in our final score. The Dromaeo score is an average of two iterations.

Chrome is the big winner here, with second place practically shared by Firefox and the stock browser. In third place are Maxthon and Sleipnir, close behind the second-place finishers. Dolphin winds up in sixth, with Opera Mobile taking a huge loss in this benchmark.

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