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CPU, Motherboard, And Cooler

System Builder Marathon, Q4 2013: $1600 Enthusiast PC

CPU: Intel Core i5-4670K

Intel's Core i5 is still a top choice when it comes to nailing the price to performance ratio for gaming, and the Haswell-based -4670 is the company's newest addition in a family of sub-$250 multiplier-unlocked CPUs.

This is the same processor we put to the test in last quarter's mid-range build, so don't expect to see much difference when it comes to our productivity-oriented benchmarks.

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I'm most curious to see if this retail sample overclocks any better than the one we used last time, which capped out at 4.3 GHz and enjoyed the benefit of a closed-loop cooling system.

Motherboard: Asus Z87-Plus

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At $160, Asus' Z87-Plus is significantly cheaper than most top-tier LGA 1150 motherboards, many of which sell for more than $200.

This board is no slouch though; it sports a solid reputation for overclocking reliably. And so I'm giving it a chance to prove itself in this quarter's System Builder Marathon.

CPU Cooler: Enermax ETS-T40

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We saved some money by going with an affordable heat sink and fan instead of a closed-loop liquid cooler. Hopefully, in a chassis with decent airflow, this won't limit our overclocking headroom.

Enermax's ETS-T40 offers particularly good value with excellent cooling ability attributable to its large 120 mm fan and copper heat pipes, and is especially attractive thanks to a very reasonable $35 price tag.

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