Corsair's refurbished Revival series offers up some surprisingly affordable peripherals

Corsair Revival Series page
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I'm not normally one to arrive fashionably late to a party, but I must confess I had no idea that Corsair has its own refurbished product page, called Revival. And I'm someone who regularly checks Corsair's website for deals. I deplore unnecessary electronic waste, so it's nice to see a large company like Corsair refurbishing and reselling its products, rather than tossing them in the trash. Of course, the company is going to make some money out of this, but that's the incentive for not just letting these peripherals go to a landfill.  

I don't normally recommend refurbished products, as there are so many variations of conditions from open box, cosmetic defects, or things not working how they should. It can be a bit of a lottery if you don't trust the source. I've actually had personal experience with RMA'ing my Corsair headset, and it's nice to think that the headset I sent back might be living a new life somewhere else. 

Having a look at the Revival page shows a few heavily discounted deals on some of Corsair's most popular gaming peripherals. This is a great page to keep an eye on if you're looking at some of Corsair's big-ticket items and don't currently have the budget, or just fancy a nice deal. There are only a few products listed at the moment, but who knows how many more will become available in the future. 

One standout item is the Corsair K100 Air Wireless keyboard. This retails for $279 new, and with the Revival refurbish program you can pick one up in immaculate condition for a third of the price at only $99.

Corsair K100 Air Wireless RGB Keyboard: Revival price $99 at Corsair

Corsair K100 Air Wireless RGB Keyboard: Revival price $99 at Corsair (New $279)

The K100 Air is a wireless low-profile mechanical keyboard with ultra-low Cherry MX tactile switches and chiclet-style keycaps. Configure the per-key lighting with Corsair iCue software, and control all your media with the onboard controls. 

See our review of the Corsair K100 Air wireless for our thoughts and more on this super slim keyboard. 

This FPS/MOBA mouse features a weight system that's truly customizable, as well as sporting an accurate Pixart optical sensor for landing those headshots.  Again, the cost of this mouse on the Revival page is a fraction of the normal $89 MSRP, and if this is a product you're interested in then a massive $65 saving is a welcome proposition. 

Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse: Revival $24 at Corsair

Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse: Revival $24 at Corsair (New $89)

The Corsair Nightsword packs in a Pixart PMW3391 optical sensor that's able to provide accurate tracking with a 50G acceleration, 400 IPS motion detection, and a high 18K DPI.  One of the most interesting features of this mouse is the weight calibration, with multiple combinations of weight settings to customize your experience. Coupled with this is a novel center of gravity detection system to further tune the mouse to your preference. 

See our review of the Corsair Nightsword RGB for more details on this gaming mouse. 

Another low-profile keyboard available is the K70 RGB MK.2. It's a wired keyboard with plenty of RGB and a full-size layout including a number pad and media controls. This keeb comes with a connectable wrist rest for supporting your wrists over long typing or gaming sessions. You can save $115 off of the $149 price tag when purchasing a Revival K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile keyboard and pick one up for just $34.

K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard: Revival $34 at Corsair

K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile Keyboard: Revival $34 at Corsair (New $149)

A low-key experience on the K70 RGB MK.2 matches low-profile Cherry MX Speed switches with low-profile keycaps to lower the overall key height. You still get the RGB experience (customizable with Corsair iCue) and the full-size key layout with a detachable wrist wrest. 

See our review of the K70 RGB MK.2 Low Profile for more details on this gaming keyboard.

Now for the major caveat: Although you can collect huge savings buying refurbished items, the warranty for these products from Corsair only lasts 90-days, compared for example to a standard 2 years (keyboards) for the same item if purchased new. So consider this when looking at these deals, and if you order something, be sure it's fully functional and generally to your satisfaction soon after you get it. Opting for a refurb comes with some risks, and a short warranty in this case. But there are some great bargains to be had here if you're willing to accept a few tradeoffs. 

Stewart Bendle
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