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Java And Silverlight Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu

GUIMark Java

Firefox pulls off an upset, taking first place on both platforms by delivering six frames per second more then other competitor in Windows. Chrome achieves a second-place finish, followed by Opera


Encog Silverlight

We included the Encog Silverlight test in WBGP9 to show the performance of the Windows-based browsers. Being a Microsoft product, Silverlight naturally has no Linux-oriented version. While we could have installed Moonlight in Ubuntu to get this benchmark running, Moonlight is unable to make most other Silverlight-based applications function, such as the uber-popular Neflix streaming service. Therefore, there is no real-world correlation to be made.

Chrome takes the lead in the Encog Silverlight benchmark, followed closely by Opera. IE9 finishes in third place, with Firefox and Safari trailing behind in fourth and fifth, respectively.

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