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Benchmark Results: World In Conflict And Supreme Commander

System Builder Marathon: $625 Gaming PC

The $625 system, with its E7300, maintains an average above 30 FPS in World in Conflict, which is probably good enough for most RTS gamers. If not, overclocking brings those average frame rates up above 40 FPS.

With AA and anisotropic filtering (AF) cranked up, we once again see our overclocked machine yielding solid gains. However, it looks like many gamers would want to lower to 2x AA as resolution is raised. 

Even overclocked, the $625 system still barely manages to break 20 FPS at these demanding Forged Alliance settings. As in Crysis, it would be unrealistic to expect such high settings from a machine with this price range. However, the overclocked PC does manage a huge boost at 1920x1200. 

With 4xAA enabled, results are, as expected, far worse. The increase in percentage from overclocking is again inflated by huge gains at 1920x1200, but without any level of playability, it’s fairly meaningless anyway.

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