Your DIY 4 GHz Dual Core Gaming Rig For $720

Hard Disks In A RAID Array Offer Up To 120 MB/s Of Data Transfer

Our DIY PC started out with a total of four hard disks. Later on, we installed two more drives into the case.

Special cables provide power to SATA drives. This helps justify the purchase of a new case or PSU.

SATA hard disks with their special red SATA cables. When upgrading from an older platform to a new one, the older PATA standard no longer makes sense.

Drive cables go left for parallel and right for serial connections, but the days of parallel ATA are numbered.
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  • T_larson911
    This looks really nice. I've been wanting to implement water cooling into my system and I have the same case. I just have to get the radiator on the top like you have done.