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Benchmark Results: Stalker And World in Conflict

MSI Eclipse Plus: Does nForce 200 Boost 3-Way SLI?

As previously noticed in Left 4 Dead, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. reveals that the Rampage II Extreme is simply a faster motherboard than the Eclipse Plus, while the P6T is limited by it’s low-bandwidth third slot.

Adding 4x AA brings the two top motherboards closer together, while 2560x1600 kicks the P6T in the teeth. Will we ever find a gaming advantage for MSI’s 16 shared pathways, compared to the Rampage II Extreme’s x8 dedicated pathways?

MSI finally take a win in World in Conflict, but only at the lowest two settings. The P6T again proves what a bad idea it is to put a GTX 285 in an x4 slot, even with bandwidth-doubling PCIe 2.0 technology.

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