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Flash, Java, And SilverLight

Web Browser Grand Prix: The Top Five, Tested And Ranked

GUIMark Flash

This is the Flash version of GUIMark; we used the Flex 3 version of this benchmark. Five runs were recorded, the average of which became our final score.

Opera became very slow and unresponsive when opening GUIMark Flash. Minimizing and then maximizing the window seemed to fix this. This did not occur in all iterations; the third fifth run went smoothly.

Again, despite glitchy behavior, this test shows Opera on top. It's followed by Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer with nearly identical scores, and Chrome trailing behind.

GUIMark Java

GUIMark tests various UI rendering technologies, including Java. We ran the test five times and used the average to settle on our final scores. This was version Java 5 Swing of GUIMark Java.

The scores in this test are all very close, with Opera showing the only substantial lead. Second place finisher Firefox only beats out the third place Safari by one-fifth of a frame per second.

Bubblemark SilverLight

Bubblemark was used to test how each browser handled SilverLight content. We ran the SilverLight 2.0 (CLR) version of Bubblemark's SilverLight test and set it to use 32 balls. We ran five iterations of the test, the average of which became our final score.

Firefox and Internet Explorer both tie for first place. Opera takes a decent third, while the Webkit duo of Safari and Chrome pull up the rear.

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