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Web Browser Grand Prix: The Top Five, Tested And Ranked

Benchmark Results: HTML, CSS, And Tables

The benchmarks on this page all reflect a browser's ability to load simple Web pages made of just HTML with CSS (with JavaScript timers). We also include the NonTroppo Page Loading Test because it measures the loading of such a Web page, also useful for comparing against our customized Webmonkey JavaScript from the previous page.

NonTroppo Page Loading Test

This benchmark times the load of a very simple Web page consisting of text and pictures in a table. A JavaScript applet calculates the load time.

Safari renders this page the quickest, with Chrome not far behind. Opera trails behind, more than doubling the time of Chrome and nearly tripling that of Safari. Firefox comes in a distant fourth, with Internet Explorer in fifth place, nearly doubling Firefox's completion time.


This is the HTML version of GUIMark's UI rendering benchmark.

This benchmark puts Apple's browser out ahead of the pack by a decent margin. Google's browser comes in last place, barely achieving nine frames per second.

NonTroppo CSS Rendering

This benchmark tests the speed at which our browsers render a page heavy with CSS elements.

Safari again places first, followed by Chrome. Opera places a late third, with Firefox falling behind in fourth. Internet Explorer drags far behind in fifth.

NonTroppo Table Rendering

The NonTroppo Table Rendering test consists of a simple Web page with an absolutely massive table and a JavaScript timer. We used this benchmark to record the full page load time.

The results of our table rendering test complete the pattern set forth by the other NonTroppo benchmarks: Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and then Internet Explorer.