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Benchmark Results: Synthetics

AMD FX-4170 Vs. Intel Core i3-3220: Which ~$125 CPU Should You Buy?

Particularly when we use 3DMark 11's Extreme preset, the overall suite score is almost entirely dependent on graphics performance, and so the benchmark turns back near-identical results. 

The Physics subtest, however, is very much processor-bound. Because the Core i5 shows up to this fight with four x86 cores, the threaded metric hands it a decisive win. The two quad-threaded models are more evenly matched.

SiSoftware's Sandra diagnostic puts the FX-4170 and Core i3-3220 fairly close together in several measurements as well. The one exception is Sandra's Multi-Media Int x16 iSSE4.1 test, where four integer clusters help facilitate theoretical performance close to what a Core i5 is able to achieve.

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