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Benchmark Results: Media Encoding

AMD FX-8350 Review: Does Piledriver Fix Bulldozer's Flaws?

The threaded nature of MainConcept makes it easy for FX-8350 to assert its strengths. FX-8150 doesn’t do all that bad in this test either, landing amongst Intel’s Ivy Bridge-based Core i5s.

The same holds true in HandBrake, where FX-8350 behaves a lot more like a Core i7 than a Core i5. AMD’s FX-8150 ends up 20 seconds behind, dropping it in between Core i5 models.

But when you consider that Ivy Bridge didn’t yield as much of a performance gain for Intel as we might have expected, the shift from Bulldozer to Piledriver actually helps AMD make up ground it had previously given up.

This probably could have gone on the Productivity page, but iTunes reminds us that single-threaded workloads are not FX-friendly.

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