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Benchmark Results: PCMark 7

AMD FX-8350 Review: Does Piledriver Fix Bulldozer's Flaws?

Futuremark’s PCMark 7 is on notice, in a way. In testing integrated graphics for Core i5-3570K, -3550, -3550S, And -3570T: Ivy Bridge Efficiency, I discovered that the application was weighing performance from the Ivy Bridge architecture’s Quick Sync feature incredibly aggressively. That won’t affect today’s story, given our use of Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680, but the fact that AMD’s FX-8350 gets ranked below Intel’s Core i5-2550K indicates to us that the test isn’t fully taxing the Piledriver-based processor.

The FX’s performance in the Productivity and Entertainment suites mirrors the Overall benchmark’s results, though the Creativity and Computation sub-tests show the new FX-8350 doing much better. We’ll need to fire up the real-world metrics in our armada of benchmarks to draw more definitive conclusions.

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